iOS 16 beta 4 cuts the time limit for iMessage unsending and includes a new edit log feature.

New features in the Messages app have been updated in the latest beta of iOS 16. iMessages can now be edited and sent again with the release of iOS 16, although there are certain restrictions. In iOS 16 beta 4, those restrictions are tightened even more. It’s possible that these modifications are in reaction to user complaints about the possibility of editing and deleting previously sent messages. In spite of the fact that Apple hasn’t officially addressed this issue, these modifications are clearly designed to address it.


In the iOS 16 beta 4 release, you can only make five edits to a text message. As a result, all updates to an iMessage are logged, making them visible to both the sender and recipient. As a result, the person you’re messaging will be able to see any changes you’ve made to your message. The “edit” option will be removed from the long-press menu once you’ve used up all of your allowed edits.
Additionally, the iOS 16 beta 4 reduces the time it takes to unsend an iMessage in iOS 16. Messages sent via iOS 16 had a 15-minute window in which they could be retrieved. Two minutes is a considerable reduction in that time range, as of today’s update. Editing a message is still inside your 15-minute time limit, however.

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You may want to keep an eye out for “a handful of new features and tweaks” in Apple’s next beta version of its iOS software “In addition to that, according to MacRumours. A key oversight in Apple’s initial implementation of iMessage editing was addressed by the “edit history,” according to a report by The Verge.” “Without a history, the edit feature might conceivably be used to change malicious or cruel messages after they were sent,” according to the research.” A little “Edited” remark appears in the app’s status bar, informing users that “something has changed,” although the user is unlikely to read what had originally been written. “

Using the iOS 16 beta 4, a user can “As reported by 9to5Mac, users “can no longer change an iMessage more than five times in total,” with each of those edits being recorded and accessible to both the sender and recipient. Changes purportedly allow one person to message another user and see any alterations that have been done, according to 9to5Mac. Although the iOS 16 beta 4 allows users to unsend an iMessage for only a few seconds instead of 15 minutes, this is a significant difference from prior iterations of iOS 16, where users had up to 15 minutes to unsend an iMessage. It’s now just two minutes, thanks to today’s new update. The 15-minute edit window is still available, however “It was reported by 9to5Mac.

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