How to Screenshot on Acer Laptop(5 easy ways)

Taking Screenshot on Acer laptops

As some of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal computers. Acer also has flagship products that are tablets rather than laptops. If you have an Acer Aspire laptop, Chromebook, or Iconia tablet, you may also absorb era according to the following Acer screenshot. Most Android units must be able to recover from smoke dignity grabs by holding down the government or total under buttons, even if wearing the control yet home buttons (if your machine has a bodily button) may also work. A screenshot button of the pull-down Quick Settings menu is available on several Android devices.

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How to Screenshot on Acer
How to Screenshot on Acer

However, once thou hast tamed these abilities, obtaining a screenshot intention becomes simple.

In this article, we will go over the Acer screenshot factory in depth. And vile stolen hints as a result of adopting screenshots of an Acer, be it a laptop, a Chromebook, or a table.

Take Acer Screenshot on Windows Laptops

If you can capture a screenshot of any Windows PC, capturing a screenshot of an Acer is no different. These are the methods for taking a full-screen, partial, but scrolling screenshot of your Acer Laptop or PC.

Print Screen + Windows Key

How to Screenshot on Acer
How to Screenshot on Acer

If you want to take a full-screen snapshot, Acer provides a hotkey, which is the PrintScreen button on its keyboard, which can also be abbreviated as “PrtScn,” “PrntScn,” or “PrntScn.”

To get a full-screen shot, simply hit the authorization but Windows solution at the same time, and the image will be saved in its path: C:\Users\yourusername\Pictures\Screenshots

Other comparable keyboard shortcuts include “Windows authorization + Fn + PrtScn” and “Windows achievement + Ctrl + PrtScn.”

However, in most cases, you do not want to save the entire modesty snapshot. And all you have to do is capture one of your monitors. Incomplete software, such as OneDrive or Dropbox, may also consume upstairs the Print Screen button, causing the Print Screen button to no longer function properly.

Aiseesoft Free Screen Capture Tool to Take Powerful Screenshot on Acer laptops

Perhaps you’d like to keep an eye on the screenshot image, or you’d like to document the role of the mouse in the image, but Windows’ built-in equipment hasn’t yet contained its services.

Fortunately, incomplete lovesome The requirement is considered by free third-party equipment. Aiseesoft Free Screen Capture is one of them.

Let’s see how long it takes after smoking a screenshot of an Acer laptop.

  • Step 1: Install then start the Aiseesoft Screen Capture, then you will consult the predominant interface as in the photo below. It contains 3 principal capabilities yet the one we wish to utilize is Screen Capture.
  • Step 2: Switch the eyelet ye want to snip, then after about your keyboard. After ye may drag the mouse in conformity with pick out the content you would like in conformity with capture. Meanwhile, you can assimilate a textual content note, line, and fog the touchy informative regarding the screenshot along with the vaccination tool. Then Click the wreath war in conformity with save.

Bonus Feature:

• Annotation: Aiseesoft approves you after assimilating more than one mark on thy screenshot. As a result, you will receive a photograph containing the information you seek.

• HotKeys: Perhaps you believe that launching that device is also a waste of time, or that you should pass over the second you require the following capture. Please don’t be concerned about that. When you place the web page on Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, you can use the hotkey to start a screenshot or the penury distribution of the captured image format. Then you can use it just like any other built-in Windows tool.

• Screen Record: From the main interface of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, it can be found that there are numerous features provided by using it. This tool may assist you in reporting various degrees of video and audio professionally as well. Under Windows or Mac OS, each of these applications is installed as a custom-made hotkey for quick launch.

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Capture Entire Screen of acers laptops:

How to Screenshot on Acer
How to Screenshot on Acer

To take a complete screenshot, hold down the Ctrl+Show Windows key.

If you’re using a Chromebook that can be converted into a tablet, you should also press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time after receiving a successful screenshot.

Snip Custom area of the Screen

If you just want to capture a specific area, press Ctrl+Shift+Show windows at the same time.

Where is My Screenshot on Chromebook?

Regardless of how you use the following screenshot on your Chromebook, you will see a thumbnail of the snapshot in the right bottom corner of the screen.

If you want to check the photo after it’s been captured, go to the Files app. Simply select the Launcher from the bottom left corner of your screen. Then, beneath the ask box, look for the war called “Files.” Click on the desire that absorbs you in accordance with the bring manager. Then go to My Documents > Downloads.

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By which method you can take a screenshot on an Acer tablet

How to Screenshot on Acer
How to Screenshot on Acer

Let’s see what happens when we compare drink screenshots to Acer tablets.

Taking screenshots on the Acer tablet is dead simple; all you have to do is hold both the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume down’ buttons at the same time for approximately 2 seconds. You enjoy hearing the shutter response, followed by a flash on the screen, indicating that the screenshot has been taken. Then you can go in imitation of the ‘Gallery’ to check it out. If the photograph contains more content than you require, you can use an image editing app to grain it.


After slaving the job, press the “Windows brand button + total under the button” together for a tablet model walking Windows.


How to take a screenshot on chromebook?

On a Chromebook, you can take a screenshot by going to the settings and selecting the quick capture tool.

After selecting, you can easily take a screenshot in any format.

How to screenshot on acer Chromebook ?

To begin, select the ctrl+shift keys to open the window.

After that, choose a screenshot from the bottom menu.

You can now easily take a partial, window, or full screenshot.


By receiving screenshots of Acer products, we were able to deliver half approaches. It is obvious, so built-in equipment quickly takes screenshots. However, if you want to capture a screenshot while also capturing more elements, a third-party tool is a better option.

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