Grid 1 is the ideal frame for preserving and honouring the first iPhone.

This day, Apple is going to change the way people use their phones. Jobs, in his 2007 eulogy. This phrase serves as a constant reminder of the Original iPhone’s sway. I’m not saying this because I’m a devoted fan. Even Apple’s most ardent opponents admit that this gadget laid the groundwork for today’s smartphones. Since then, many mobile technologies have become commonplace and are taken for granted in our daily lives. We now have excellent options for both iPhones and Android phones as a result of its foresight. In no way am I saying that iPhones are better or worse than Android phones. A simple nod to Apple’s original iPhone, which helped lay the groundwork for the current generation of smartphones and other mobile devices.

I’ve known of Grid Studio for a while now. For the unfamiliar, this company — Dismantling old electrical devices was founded in September 2020. After that, it elegantly frames the components, bringing attention to some of the most important and crucial details. The ultimate effect is both educational and aesthetically pleasing. [*] Even yet, it is primarily sought after by clients for its decorative qualities. “We started our studio as a pastime, and it grew into a full-fledged business by chance.” After dismantling his equipment, hand-painting, and putting the parts on paper, one of our colleagues had the inspiration to create an incredible work of art! As a hobby at initially, we decided to launch a business since we wanted to share our love of this with others.

Framing the original iPhone.



My closest friends and family know that I’m not a hoarder. Even though I don’t travel with all of my belongings, keeping only what I really need helps me to feel lighter on my feet. In fact, I’m proud to say that when I moved to another nation, I just took one suitcase and a bag with me. When it comes to maintaining materialistic stuff, I’m a very discriminating person.
Grid Studio’s frames have always been among my favourites. An extensive range of fanbases and enthusiasts can be catered to by the company. As a result of my efforts to pare down my personal possessions, I still had to get my hands on one of its frames, a particularly meaningful one.

“Their packaging is better than Apple’s” was the first thing I texted a coworker when I received my new frame. There is some truth to this, despite the fact that it may be exaggerated. To begin, the outside cardboard box was reinforced with plastic corners to prevent it from being damaged in transit. There were no cracks or scratches on the frame when it came from abroad. The first thing you’ll notice when you open the box is a paper wrap with what looks like a wax seal on it. It’s a dramatic effect as you rip through it to get to the end and the frame. It’s possible to put the real frame on any flat, sturdy surface to balance it. Alternatively, the provided attachments let you to mount it on a wall.




It’s clear to me now. It’s not everyone’s idea of a good night’s sleep to have an Original iPhone on their head. After all, this technology is the stuff of nightmares for some individuals. Grid Studio has a wide range of products to choose from. Other iPhone models, iPads, Apple Watches, Android phones, gaming consoles, Nokia and Blackberry phones, etc. are also available through the company. As a result, no matter what brand you favour, you’ll probably be able to find framed models from at least part of its products.

One of the most recognisable features of the iPhone is displayed on a 13-by-13-inch white surface in Grid 1. It also comes with labelling that make it easy for you to identify each portion. But don’t worry, Grid Studio’s frames don’t contain any real batteries. As a result, inflation or explosion are not a concern. Obviously, the remainder of the parts are all authentic, removed from original, used devices.

Before the box arrived, I was a little sceptical. I was afraid the Grid 1 would be a waste of space in my apartment. But now that this frame has arrived, I can confidently state that it won’t get stale or dull. When I enter my room, I take a moment to observe how perfectly it dissects and deconstructs the original iPhone. Hanging on my desk, it’s almost like a sacred emblem, guarding my desk’s newer Apple products. If you’re an Apple or iPhone fan, this is a must-have frame.

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