Best rolling backpack for college

10 Best Rolling Backpack for College [2023]

Best cheap rolling backpack for college students:

Best Rolling backpacks for school Students:

A backpack is an important thing for a college student because by using a backpack he can carry his luggage or books very easily. Many backpacks offer a lot of qualities but having the best one is very necessary for everyone. The rolling backpacks for college offer a lot of options to carrying luggage from one place to another easily. The rolling backpack offers many options for carrying supplies easily. They provide the easiest mobility and a lot of storage as well as durability.

Heavy backpack and student health:

A backpack contains a lot of supplies in like it can contain books, folders, and stationery, etc. And all these things make it very heavy in weight. Carrying a heavy backpack on our shoulders create many problems in our body. Like it can cause discomfort, getting tired, and injury to the muscles and joints in our body.

Carrying a heavy backpack continuously causes many effects on the body of a student. That’s why it is very necessary to use an alternative to a traditional backpack with shoulder straps. The Rolling Backpacks are the alternatives to the traditional backpacks. And the rolling backpack takes all over the weight of the student’s back.

Using a backpack provides a lot of comfort and facilities. It keeps all the things in one place and keeps all the things very secure. But if a student has a lot of things that make the backpack very heavy then carrying a heavy backpack is not best for the student’s health. If a student has a lot of luggage which makes the shoulder strap backpack very heavy then there is the best option for him to use the Best rolling backpack for college instead of a shoulder strap backpack.

Advantages of a Best budget rolling backpacks for college students:

A Rolling BackPack offers a lot of advantages over a shoulder strap backpack. It comes with the easiest mobility. By using a rolling backpack a student could not get tired because a rolling backpack takes all over the weight of a student’s shoulders.

It also offers a lot of storage space to store many things and keep them in one place and also keeps them very secure. Moreover, if you want to use your rolling backpack as a traditional shoulder strap backpack then amazingly the rolling backpacks also offer this feature by which you can easily use your rolling backpack as a traditional shoulder backpack.

The rolling backpacks provide a lot of many qualities. They offer large storage space as well as better mobility and also gives 2 option like the can be used as a wheeled backpack as well as a traditional shoulder backpack.

In this article, I have picked the top best backpacks for college students.

Top best backpacks for college students:

The market is full of thousands of backpacks but buying the best one is very difficult. But I have picked the best products for you and I have briefly described them one by one with their features and best qualities. After reading this article you will be able to buy the best backpack for college and your money will not be getting wasted.

Now I am going to describe all these products and their specifications.

1: Targus Compact Rolling Backpack (Best backpack for both college and business)

The look and design of the Targus Compact Rolling Backpack are very awesome versatile and sleek, it provides very high mobility. And it is designed for high mobility.

his Backpack features a large section at its center to keep Laptops, tablets, Books, notebooks, stationery, and other essentials. This Backpack also offers a laptop slot which fully dedicated and laptop protected you can also keep your laptop in this sleeve and make it safe. And soft-lined tablet sleeve allows you to keep your electronics safe and secure from any type of damage.

Along with all these compartments, the front section of this backpack provides a lot of small slots to keep small items. And in these small slots, you can save your small items like Smartphones, pens, watches, calculators, and any types of small items. This backpack also offers side pockets to keep extra items here.

The Targus Compact Rolling Backpack is very sleek and easily mobility because it is very light in weight. The students can use this bag for their trips.

  • Very slim, sleek, and spacious
  • Have very easiest mobility
  • Best for students, business, and college trips
  • Offers many sections to keep many things
  • Not so durable

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2: J World New York Sunrise[Best overall] (Rolling Backpack for college and school students)

Best and amazing properties are brought by this J World New York Rolling backpack full fill the needs of everyone. This means that a student, a child, a traveler, and everyone can use this backpack for their needs.

If we look at the measurements of this backpack then its dimensions are 18 x 13 x 9 inches and the weight of this backpack is 4.5 pounds. This backpack is an amazing choice for college students. It comes in several attractive prints for students like Owls, colorful dots, and strawberries and is also available in simple designs and colors.

It is also a convertible backpack means you can wear it on your shoulders and you can also roll it by opening its wheels. Its Air Mesh cushioned makes it very comfortable and everyone can feel easy to carry it.

Its main compartment can hold 2 big textbooks, a laptop, a tablet, lunch, and many small items. It also makes you able to keep some small items like keys, pens, cards, etc. Because J world New York Sunrise rolling backpack also offers key clips, pen holders, and card slots. You can also keep your water bottles on the sides of this bag because it has 2 mesh pockets on the sides. It provides a lot of durabilities. And it keeps your luggage dry means it is made from water-resistant material.

The best option for college boys.

You can keep all these items very easily and then can carry your backpack very easily. 

  • It is available at a very affordable price
  • Best and suitable for children and college students
  • Comes in many prints
  • There are no cons

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3: EVERKI Atlas Wheeled Laptop Backpack

The EVERKI Atlas Wheeled BackPack is considered best for a meeting, college students, and business trips and have many other uses. If you are looking for the best backpack for college students and business trips then the Everki atlas is the best choice for you because comes with better facilities. The EVERKI Atlas is sleek, lightweight, and well organized.

This rolling backpack offers dedicated sleeves to keep your gear safe and in one place. It has a padded laptop sleeve that can hold up to 17 inches of laptops. Furthermore, you can also enhance the space for clothes and other items. If you don’t want to carry your laptop, then you can remove the laptop pouch easily.

You can also pack your luggage easily in the main compartment because it can fully unzip into a clamshell. It also allows you to carry your tablet because it also offers a special pocket for the tablet. Moreover, you can also keep safe your smartphone, keys, passport, credit cards, water bottle, books, and many other essentials because it offers room for all these things.

This backpack provides many qualities and it is very durable.

  • It feels very comfortable if we wear it for long durations
  • Best for college students and business travels
  • Design is sleek and durable
  • Provides easy packing and unpacking
  • It is fully convertible
  • Offers a lot of room to keep safe anything
  • Its laptop sleeve is also removable
  • It is a little bit expensive

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4: OIWAS (15-inch Rolling Backpack for college)

The OIWAS is considered the best rolling backpack for college. It is considered best because of its features. This backpack has a laptop pocket that can be able to hold up a 15 inches wide laptop and your laptop will be fully secured in this pocket because it is secured with Velcro.

It provides a lot of room to hold up clothes, books, and many other things. The other compartment is divided into some small sections to keep your small items safe and secure. And in this backpack, you can also keep your water bottles on either side of the bag.

If you are thinking about the size of this backpack then its size is 13L x 7.1W x 19.3H inches. And it also has an Aluminum Hideaway telescoping handle to roll the backpack and it is fully adjustable you can adjust it for your needs.

This backpack is also fully convertible and you can carry it in both ways as you want. This means that, if you want to wear this backpack then you can carry it by wearing it and if you want to roll it then you can roll it.

  • An overall Best quality backpack
  • Best and perfect for college students and business travel
  • Very easy to carry-on
  • Provides a lot of space to keep everything safe
  • Provides pockets to keep water bottles
  • It does not come in other colors

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5: 35″ 2 Wheeled Travel Duffel

If you are looking for something more spacious then please take look at this backpack. The size of this backpack is 35x 14 x 16 inches and provides a lot of room in its main compartments to keep anything in it.

The Duffel is very durable and its outer material is laminated for moisture resistance and you can stand it up without any support because of the thermoplastic frame. It is very easy to carry because of ball bearing wheels and grip handle make it very versatile and easy to carry.

  • It is very durable
  • It can resist moisture
  • Its main compartment is very spacious
  • Ball-bearing wheels make it very easy to carry
  • It comes in only one color (black)

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6: Victorinox VX(Sports Wheeled Cadet Backpack for college)

Victorinox VX Sport comes in the list of best rolling backpacks for college with its wonderful features. The Victrix Vx is very durable and carry-On friendly. You can take this backpack on any type of journey and trip with college friends or business trip. If you know about the Swiss Army Knife which offers many things in knife, same as it is the Victorinox Vs Sport is. It offers a lot of functionalities and options in one bag like a Swiss Army knife.

This rolling backpack offers multiple pockets to keep all your items safe and secure in one place and all these pockets are fully protected. You can also keep your laptop fully protected from any type of damage. Because the Victorinox Vx Sport offers an anti-scratch lining pocket for a laptop and you can keep 16 inches wide laptop in it.

There is also a 10” pocket in which you can keep your kindle, tablet, or other medium-size electronics. The Victorinox Vx Sport also offers many other features that include front zippered pockets which you can easily access. And you can keep other things here in these pockets. There are mesh side pockets in which you can keep water bottles. You can also stabilize and condense the weight of the rolling backpack with its side straps.

Moreover, when you want to use your rolling backpack as wearing a backpack on your shoulders then Victorinox Vx Sport provides a retractable wheel cover to protect your clothes and wheels from dirt.

Because of all these amazing features, this backpack is considered very heavy and durable. It provides a lot of heavy features and it is the best rolling backpack for college students, businesses, and any trip.

  • This rolling backpack is very light in weight
  • Considered best for a business trip, college trip
  • It is very durable and has amazing features
  • Very stylish and professional
  • Provides a lot of options to keep safe and secure your gadgets
  • Its wheel can be a little bit noisy
  • It is a little bit expensive

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7: NUBILY (17.3-inch Laptop Rolling Backpack for college)

The design of the NUMBILY 17.3 laptop Backpack is very convenient and unique and its portability is very easiest. This backpack also gives you options to charge your mobile phone and also offers earphone holes. It provides a USB hole to connect the USB charger to your phone.

It can be easily carry-on because its one smart luggage sleeve makes it able you to free your hands when you are traveling. On the back of the bag, you can keep your expensive and valuable items very secure and safe, because it gives an anti-theft zipper pocket. It provides the easiest access to your small items like keys, cards, and coins by keeping them easy card zipper.

You can also keep safe and secure your laptop, tablet, and important document. The NUBILY provides 2 main compartments for these things. Moreover, you can also get 15 functional pockets where you can keep your belonging. And access them very easily.

The design of this backpack is very durable. The durable material is used to design this backpack. This backpack is made up of Polyester Fabrics which is a durable material and makes this backpack fully waterproof and damage-proof. It can provide better protection to your important items on rainy days.

Finally, this is a durable and fully protected backpack that is best for college students.

  • It is very durable.
  • It is waterproof
  • Easy to carry-on
  • Provides a lot of sections
  • It does not have a rolling option.

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8: JanSport Driver 8(Best Rolling backpack for business, trip, and college students)

You can use this rolling backpack as a backpack and as a roller as you want. Because this rolling backpack provides a lot of comforts. This type of backpack is considered the very best rolling backpack for college.

The design of this rolling backpack is not so simple but provides a 15” laptop sleeve, front organizer pocket, 2 large main compartments, a retractable handle which you can set according to your height, and a side pocket to keep the water bottle.

It is a convertible rolling backpack and it is not very difficult to convert it from a rolling backpack to a shoulder strap

  • Fully waterproof
  • It is convertible
  • Provides a lot of compartments to keep everything safe and secure.
  • It has a retractable handle
  • Its zippers can be stuff

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9: Rockland (Double Handle Rolling Backpack for college students)

The Rockland Bouble Handle Rolling BackPack is the best option for college students who carry tech like Tablets, smartphones, and laptops on daily basis to their classrooms or everywhere. This product has earned 4.5 reviews and 3000+ ratings on Amazon. The students can keep the 15” laptop in it very easily.

This Rolling backpack has also allowed the student to keep their other supplies in the organizer compartment and this compartment has multiple pockets in which include mesh pockets, pen pockets, media pockets, and a USB port, and a Fob hook. It provides all those options that a student looks for.

It also has a very reasonable price on Amazon.

  • It provides a USB port to charge your phone and an earphone plugging option
  • Its design is very durable and made from durable polyester
  • Comes in many colors
  • Provides special sleeves for laptops and tablets
  • Easiest portability
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Bad wheels (but easy fix)

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10: WEISHENGDA (18 inches Wheeled Rolling Backpack for college students)

The WEISHENGDA 18 inches wheeled rolling BackPack offers plenty of pockets and a special compartment to hold a lot of books and articles. This rolling backpack also provides an outer pocket that is specially designed to hold small items like pens, keys, and flash drives.

Furthermore, this backpack is the best choice for you and it can protect your luggage on rainy days because it is fully waterproof. It is designed from water-resistant materials. It is very light in weight. Its weight is 4.8 lbs which is very lighter than others. This rolling backpack is the very best option for college students.

  • It is very light in weight
  • Waterproof
  • Provides plenty of pockets
  • It has no more colors options

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Q1: Do college students use rolling backpacks?

Yes, college students can use rolling backpacks because the shoulder strap backpack causes too much pain.

By using a rolling backpack students can move their luggage weight very easily.

Q2: What kind of bag is best for a college student?

There are many kinds of backpacks that college students can use.

  1. WEISHENGDA rolling backpack
  2. Rockland Double handle rolling backpack
  3. JanSport driver 8
  4. NUBILY 17”
  5. Victorinox VX
  6. 35” 2 wheeled Travel Duffel

Q3: Are rolling backpacks good?

Rolling backpacks are good for college students instead of shoulder straps backpacks. The shoulder straps backpack creates pain in the shoulders due to the heavy load. The backpack is a very essential thing to carry books, notebooks and any type of luggage. By using the best rolling backpack it is very easy to carry heavy loads.

Q4: What size backpack is best for college?                                                                           

The 21 to 30 liters rolling backpack is suitable for college students. This size is considered most common for college students.


The rolling backpacks provide facilities to college students. The shoulder straps backpack cause too much pain in the neck and shoulders. That’s why a rolling backpack brings down the weight of shoulders on the wheels of a backpack. There are several backpacks in the market and provide different features.

But I have picked the top featured backpacks according to my experience. All these backpacks are offered special features like they are fully waterproof and lightweight and provide special compartments to keep laptops, tablets, and other valuable things very safe and secure. It depends on you which backpack you want to buy but all the backpacks that I have briefly described are budget-friendly and provide a lot of features.

Furthermore, you can get more and more tips and tricks like How to take a screenshot on an Acer laptop, how to charge a laptop in a car, and can read many other informational articles. We always share honest information with our clients.

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