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BenQ TK800M 4K UHD

ViewSonic 3800

ViewSonic M2 

LG PH510P HD Resolution

ASUS P3B Portable

Any projector with a video output connection can be used to generate 3D video mapping for virtual reality applications. Nonetheless, there are two factors to consider: the intensity of the light and the available budget for the project. It is vital to understand that projection mapping involves projecting images through objects in three-dimensional space in addition to projecting images on a flat surface.

Short-throw projectors are ideal for first-time buyers. This is because a conventional projector is typically located approximately two feet from the projected surface of the display screen in a typical installation. In certain circumstances, a short-throw projector can be utilised as an alternative to a long-throw projector since it can be placed closer to the display surface.

When it comes to projection mapping, only the most potent projector will suffice.

1-BenQ TK800M 4K UHD

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For huge crowds, this is the most powerful projector available. In addition to being the best short-throw projector on the market, it is ideal for projection mapping, home theatre, and video gaming console playback.

A robust and long-lasting piece of equipment, in contrast. Regarding looks, it has a minor mechanical quality. Alternately, it has a 1080p display with a brightness of 3500 lumens and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. For appropriate projection mapping results, the image’s brightness must be high enough to produce a clear image on the screen. Discovering that the projector has an unexpectedly huge amount of capacity and power is a fantastic discovery.

It is suggested that the ViewSonic PX800HD short-throw video projector be considered when selecting the best short-throw video projector for a huge image. It includes everything you may require for this type of operation, such as a battery backup system. Finally, we can claim that this equipment is good for capturing photographs with accurate colour and clarity of detail.

  • There are short-throw projectors available.
  • Bright
  • Powerful
  • The whine from the audience

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2-ViewSonic 3800


It offers the clearest visuals possible in any given circumstance. This degree of brightness is acceptable for use in projection mapping applications. If you are fifteen feet and ten inches away from the wall, you may be able to see a 120-inch projection on its surface.

This is a simple and straightforward device that can be set up in minutes with minimal effort. The bulb has a lifespan of 1500 hours under normal conditions, so you won’t have to worry about it failing anytime soon.

The device has a multitude of visual inputs, including HDMI, VGA, and many others. HDMI compatibility allows you to connect your projector to any device, including desktops, laptops, and Mac computers, and view the content on those devices. This strengthens the link between the projector and the computer.

It also includes two speakers, each of which can provide 2 watts of sound. As a result, the speaker quality is merely sufficient, necessitating the usage of an external speaker in lieu of the internal speaker.

It also features super colour technology, which can be viewed on the display of the aforementioned device. The use of six-color technology to create fine details and a polished appearance results in a professional appearance. Minimizing input latency enables you to play more fluidly and without encountering lag.

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3-ViewSonic M2 


Even though it is a miniature multimedia projector and a small compact projector, it offers nearly all of the most cutting-edge features on the market today. This projector boasts 4000 lumens of brightness, which is quite bright for a projector of this size. They give the ideal number of lumens for use both during the day and at night. In addition, HDR 10’s contrast ratio of 3000:1 offers a sharp and detailed image.

The Mini Projector Lumen 3D Portable DLP is an excellent gaming option, especially when paired with the included 3D glasses. It is astounding to learn that projectors with built-in stereo speakers are capable of boosting the loudness even more. With a fan cooling system designed specifically for this use, this compact projector provides exceptional performance. Heat will not cause long-term damage to the projector if it is utilised properly, which is a nice comfort.

Using dual-band 2.4GHz/5.0GHz wireless technology, the projector generates 4000 Lumens in 3D and 4000 Lumens in 2D. Using streaming and video apps such as YouTube is a breeze when utilising this projector. In addition, the projector features a digital zoom function and both vertical and horizontal keystone correction as an added convenience.

  • The most brilliant radiance that is conceivable
  • The presence of light is quite amazing.
  • You may alter your point of view by using a camera’s lens.
  • Thank you very much for coming up with such an excellent resolution.
  • Bulky

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4-LG PH510P HD Resolution


The projector’s 3,100 Lumens can be utilised throughout the day. And at night by utilising its 3,100 Lumens of illumination. This projector is capable of displaying 300-inch life-size images on enormous walls, allowing you to display 300-inch life-size images on large walls. It contains a range of additional features. Due to its tiny size and light weight, the projector is simple to transport. Depending on the surrounding environment and conditions, it may be utilised either indoors or outside.

When analysing the scope of the project’s responsibilities, it is fascinating to note that the project is responsible for day and nighttime projections of brilliant colours. The Epson Home Cinema 1060 is a terrific solution for video mapping if you’re searching for something different and brighter. It is recognised as one of the best available projectors for 3D mapping applications.

In addition to its superior quality and 300-inch display, a projector is an excellent choice for video mapping due to its high resolution. For those looking for the most effective option for a low-cost large-scale wall projection. This model is an excellent alternative to consider.

The following are its specifications:

Widescreen high-definition 1080p is available.

The board is equipped with two HDMI outputs.

Due to its 3,100 lumens of output, it has excellent colour and white brightness.

This is illustrated by the 3-LCD technology that is now in use.

Photos that are 300 inches wide and depict persons at actual size are preferable.

This device has a range of approximately 19.0 feet when functioning.

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5-ASUS P3B Portable

The projector is regarded as one of the most impressive projectors for projection mapping. This is completely new information to me. The application of this technology facilitates the projection of maps in both tiny and large sizes. Keep in mind that Christie Digital Systems is a key player in this industry. The series is highly esteemed for its use in sophisticated professional projection mapping applications.

Its strong luminosity also allows it to function well at night. In addition to being highly effective during the day, this product is also quite effective at night. In addition, the images are bright and clear, and they are consistently distributed to all viewers. irrespective of where they are seated on the sofa.

In addition to two-dimensional information, it is possible to display three-dimensional information. Additionally, the three-year warranty period for these projectors is quite generous. There is a huge assortment of mapping projectors available for purchase. And making it easy for the buyer to filter their results.

Because there are so many available possibilities. It is simple to select the one that best meets your needs as well as your financial restraints and limitations.

  • The optimal amounts of illumination are governed by the following factors:
  • A level of clarity that is unparalleled
  • A 3D Adaptable System is a system that is capable of adapting to any given circumstance in three dimensions.
  • This item is not transportable and thus cannot be brought with you.

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Several things must be taken into consideration when selecting projection mapping equipment. They must specialise in specific areas, yet their services are best suited for a particular audience.

A satisfactory projection mapping projector must have high contrast ratios and high resolutions. And each is important for a quality projector. Due to its 300-inch screen, the Epson House Cinema projector is currently the best projector for mapping a house. And possibly the greatest home mapping projector ever created.

The Mini Projector is a good option to consider if you’re searching for something small and portable. In addition to its compact size and light weight, it also possesses a number of other favourable qualities. Due to its superior contrast ratio, great resolution, and long-lasting bulb. This projector’s capability of projecting images as large as 200 inches. Moreover, despite its modest size, it offers an exceptional value.


How is projection mapping different from regular projection?

All the greatest products are listed, please select them.

What projection mapping software is used?

There is an abundance of projection mapping software.

What is the best color to project onto?

A dark colour will last the longest. Additionally, it relies on your decision.

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