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7 Best mousepad for magic mouse [2023]

Top 7 mousepads for the magic mouse review & buying guide in [2023]

An Apple Magic mouse provides better quality and productivity and comes with the fastest and most powerful features. If you are using Apple’s magic mouse then you know the difference between a magic mouse and another band’s mouse. Apple’s magic mouse offers quality and productivity.

Technically, there is no need for a mouse pad because we can use a mouse without a mouse pad but to get better performance and overall productivity of a magic mouse, we should use the best mousepad for a magic mouse.

A mouse pad not only enhances the performance of a magic mouse, but also protects the magic mouse from scratches, dust, and damageable friction. In this article, I have listed the top best mousepad for magic mouse and also briefly explained them. The market is full of thousands of mousepads that are designed from different types of materials.

But it is very important to have the best quality mousepad for a magic mouse. Because a best quality magic mouse not only protects your magic mouse from harmful environmental factors like dust and scratches.

It can be very difficult for you to select the best mousepad for a magic mouse. So that’s why I have selected the best mousepads for your magic mouse. So please read this article with full focus so you can select the best one.

Advantages of the best mousepad:

A mousepad has a lot of advantages. The best quality mousepad increases the working speed and provides precision and comfort for the user. Moreover, it also keeps the table or desk safe from scratches and wears. When we continuously use a mouse on the table or desk, its surface gets scratched.

So the best mousepad also keeps safe your table’s surface from scratches. Furthermore, you can get the better and smooth performance of a mouse by using the best mousepad. It reduces the jitter of the pointer on the screen. By offering all the important features and a lot of advantages, the best mousepad for a magic mouse also extends the life of your mouse. This means that your mouse will perform better for a longer time.

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List of best mousepads for magic mouse:

This list has the Best mousepads for magic mouses and you can also use these mousepads for your gaming mice. We have also reviewed the best gaming mice. So now we come back to our today’s topic. The products I have picked for you are quality products and I have picked these with brief research. So after using these, you will not be disappointed.

So let’s get started with top-quality mousepads.





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3M Precise Mouse Pad


SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface (best mousepad for magic mouse)

Material->medium thick cloth, 

Londo Top Grain Leather Mousepad


SteelSeries QcK - Medium Stitched Edge Cloth

Material->medium stich edge cloth, 

Londo Leather Extended Mousepad

Material->faux leather, 

Amazon Basics Mini Gaming mouse pad

Color->Black, Shape-> Square

Mello Silicone Cushion Compatible with Apple Magic Mouse

Color-> Tuxedo, Material-> SIlicone

1: 3M Precise Mouse Pad:(Best overall)

The surface material of this mousepad is specifically designed for lower input so it saves the battery life of your mouse. The top surface of 3M precise is fully precise and enhanced the mouse precision. And the backing of the 3M precise is non-skid means if you use your mouse the pad won’t be skid around.

It is very perfect and provides a lot of comfort to the user. Because you can use your mouse on both sides of this pad. The people report that their mousepad gets dark after a long time of usage.

3M Precise Vs 3M precise with Gel Wrist Rest Soothing Gel

Now here we will compare this product to its other version. This comparison will increase your knowledge. Now we will compare 3M precise with 3M precise with Gel wrist rest soothing el.

The 3M precise with Gel wrist soothing Gelis not very different from 3M precise. It also provides enhanced precision for optical mice and the fastest speed for optimal performance of the mouse. It also extends the battery life of a wireless gaming mouse as the 3M precise.

The main difference between 3M precise non-skid and 3M precise with Gel wrist, is the soothing gel is the material used to design these mouse pads. The foam material is used to design the 3M precise Non-skid whereas Gel type material is used in the 3M precise Gel wrist. And another difference is the shape of these mouse pads. Both of these have a square shape. But the 3M precise with Gelhas a satin pillow for your wrist. It provides full comfort to your wrist.

So it has all the features the same as the 3M precise non-skid has. The main difference is the material and satin pillow.

  • Enhance the performance
  • Provides smooth working experience
  • Extends the battery life of a wireless mouse
  • Its non-skid backing makes the mouse pad in place
  • Develop dark residue after prolonged use

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2: SteelSeries QcreviewK Gaming Surface (best mousepad for gaming)

The SteelSeries QCK has a traditional style and gives optimum control on all types of usage. It is considered ideal for all intensity use. The SteelSeries QCK is a top choice for pro gamers. Qck line is made with micro woven cloth and it is also the best selling gaming surface. Pro gamers preferred it very much. This mousepad is also tested by a top mouse sensor manufacturer.

 The SteelSeries Qck provides a non-slip residential surface and enhances the working efficiency of a mouse. It is very durable when you use it in both low and medium DPI settings. It is also washable and very easy to clean. You can keep it in competitive condition by cleaning and washing it regularly.

Its smooth and non-slipping surface enhances the working speed of the mouse. It also keeps safe your mouse from scratches and wears and also saves your desk on which you will use it.

  • Great mousepad
  • Preferred by pro gamers.
  • Provides Smooth performance of the mouse
  • Very durable for any type of DPI settings
  • Considered very ideal for all types of use
  • edges get dirty after two weeks

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3: Londo Top Grain Leather Mousepad🙁Best mousepad for wrist support)

The Londo Top Grain Leather Mousepad is a trendy option and the best mousepad for a magic mouse. It is made of natural leather and serves very perfectly. It provides comfortable support to your wrist and a smooth surface to the mouse with anti-slip backing. This means with its anti-slip backing it will not slip and enhance the working performance. Due to the perfect and smooth surface, it also reduces the pointer jitter on the screen.

Its cleaning is also the easiest.

  • It is classy leather fabric
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Smooth, waterproof, and uninterrupted surface for magic mouse
  • Size is not too big and easy to portable
  • It can’t be rolled and folded up.

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4: SteelSeries QcK – Medium Stitched Edge Cloth(Best mouse pad for precision)

This is another product of SteelSeries QcK but this product provides extra toughness. You can select this product for extra toughness. The exclusive QcK micro woven cloth is used to design this mousepad and it is optimized for high and low DPI movements.

 This mousepad is very best for optical and laser sensors. It has extra durability because its edges are stitched. The surface of SteelSeries QcK Medium Stitched edge is designed to perform better on all types of video games. This means that, if you want to use your magic mouse on this mousepad for gaming then it will not disappoint you. It will enhance your gaming performance. Because it has a smooth surface and is very useable in all intensities. You can get maximum control over your computer mouse with a Qck towel.

Furthermore, it provides extra durability because you can easily clean it. Many users considered SteelSeries QcK the best mousepad for the magic mouse 2.

  • Extra durability due to its sewn sides
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Great build quality
  • This mousepad is optimized for both optical and laser sensors.
  • edges get dirty after some weeks

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5: Londo Leather Extended ama(Best mousepad for home and office)

The Londo Leather Extended Mousepad is an amazing choice for iMac and is considered the best mousepad with magic mouse. It not only provides the best quality of homemade leather but it is also a very comfortable and classy gadget for your home and office. This mousepad comes with high quality and it has a very sleek look and slim body because PU leather is attached with fine and durable stitching.

There are many other reasons to buy such as anti-slip backing and easy movement performance. It is introduced as a trendy table accessory without ignoring its practical features.

It also offers different color choices like black, brown, and light brown. It allows you to choose the best color that fits your personality. It comes in a rectangular shape and has dimensions of 29.21 x 13.19 x 0.12 inches.

  • Smooth and silky surface for magic mouse
  • It has an anti-slip backing
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Size is small

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6:Amazon Basics Mini Gaming mouse pad for magic mouse


Now, this mousepad is especially for gamers and designers because it is an Amazon Basics Mini Gaming mouse pad. It is very small in size and it will cover a very small space at your desk. This means it doesn’t require much space. This mousepad enhances the gaming experience of the mouse because it has a high-quality cloth surface. It also makes able the mouse provides smooth gliding and enhanced precision. The surface of this mousepad is thick, steady, and rubberized which keeps the mousepad in place. And it will never disturb you during any type of activity.

The size of this mouse pad is not very big. It comes in small size and you can easily fit this mousepad in your home or on your desk.

Moreover, this mousepad is very durable and can easily be cleaned. It has a very sleek design and is very useful for users.

  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • It can be easily clean
  • Have a very steady and thick surface
  • It has a very sleek design.
  • It is also very durable
  • Sadly its edges hurt the skin of the user

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7:Mello Silicone Cushion Compatible with Apple (Best comfortable Mousepad for a Magic Mouse)

Now we are reviewing a comfortable cushion for the magic mouse. It has a custom design and can easily be used on any magic mouse. Moreover, this cushion provides a comfortable arch with a premium silicone feel. This is a Mello Silicone cushion and it makes the use of magic moue more productive. It means that you can do your work for a longer time by using this silicone cushion over the magic mouse.

The Mello Silicone cushion provides a better grip and full control over the magic mouse.

It improves all movements of your magic mouse and also makes the more natural use of all functions of the mouse.

For long-term usability, It attaches with a 3M strong adhesive.

  • Provides full control
  • Reduces the discomfort and improves the productivity
  • It also maintains all functions
  • Can easily be applied in custom or standard fit positions
  • It is also perfect for small or large hands
  • It can be attached securely and it also stays in the place.
  • It also provides a better grip and improves the full mouse control
  • It is a little bit harder

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Things to consider when buying a mousepad for a magic mouse:

A good mouse will ensure you the good performance of the magic mouse. When you select the good and right mousepad for the magic mouse then you will navigate your computer very smoothly. The laser of your magic mouse will detect the movements effectively and makes able you to navigate the computer very smoothly.

So when want to buy the best mousepad for a magic mouse, you should keep some points in your mind. When you will see all the things during your selection of mousepad then you will get the best one.

The material used for construction:

The first thing that you should keep in your mind is the material of the mousepad. This means by which material the mousepad is constructed. Their different materials are used to design the mousepad like cloth, silicon, aluminum, and glass. Because of this, the mousepads are classified as soft and hard mousepads.

The fabric or soft foam is used to design the soft mousepads for the apple mouse. 3M precise mousepad and the SensAGE mousepad are the two examples of soft mousepads for the apple mouse. The soft mousepads can easily be rolled and we can easily carry them anywhere as compared to the hard mousepad. Moreover, the soft mousepad doesn’t produce much noise as compared to the hard mousepad when you slide your mouse.

The Vaydeer Hard silver metal aluminum Mousepad is an example of a hard mousepad. And the hard mousepads are the best option for those who are looking for a silent hard surface mousepad. The hard surface of the mousepad offers good precision for the magic mouse 2.

Size of the mousepad:

In the market, mousepads are available in different sizes like small, extended, large, and medium. The small size mousepads for the magic mouse are commonly used in offices. Because in the office work the excellent precision and speed are not required. Whereas the large size mousepads are best for those who work behind the large screens such as the graphics designers. Because they make the short and the long mouse glides and doesn’t touch the edges of the mouse pad.

The thickness of the mousepad:

The base of the mousepad determines the thickness of the mousepad. A standard mousepad measures (3 to 3.5mm), the measurement of a thin base is (2 to 2.5mm) while the measurement of a thick base is (5mm). The amazing thing about the thin mousepad is that they are very flexible. And they take the surface on which they are placed. The standard mousepads are commonly used because they’re not too thick and not too thin.

Finishing around the edges:

When you want to purchase a cloth mousepad then confirm that the edges of your mousepad have a thick stitch frame. The thick stitching ensures that the seams between the surface and base are secured accurately. If there is no stitching on the edges of your mousepad for magic mouse then it will reduce the lifespan of the mousepad. And it will also fray after continuously using.

Whereas if you will use a hard mousepad then the edges should be very smooth. The smooth edges of the hard mousepad prevent your wrist from scratching.

These are the things that you should keep in your mind during the selection process of a mousepad for the magic mouse. Then you will be able to select the best one.

Hard mousepad vs Soft mousepad:

There is a little bit of difference between the hard and the soft mousepad. A soft mousepad covers the 8-inch square surface on your entire desk. Whereas a hard mousepad covers the rectangular type surface on your desk. The fabric is used in the covering of soft mousepads which is supported by foam or soft padding. The hard mousepads are designed from metal or plastic-type materials and they are completely flat.

The soft mousepad is cushioned and can be heated up by the heat of the user’s body. On the other hand, the hard mousepad is not cushioned and does not get heated up by the user’s body. Another good thing about the hard mousepads is that their cleaning is also very easy because of their flat surface.


Q1: Which mouse pad is best for Magic Mouse?

There is a list of the best mousepads for magic mice and I have briefly explained all these mousepads.

  1. 3M Precise Mouse Pad(Best overall)
  2. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface (best mousepad for magic mouse)
  3. SteelSeries QcK – Medium Stitched Edge Cloth
  4. Londo Top Grain Leather Mousepad
  5. Londo Leather Extended Mousepad

Q2: Does Apple Magic Mouse need a mousepad?

A magic mouse is designed with low power consumption and provides better performance on every type of task. It provides smooth and fast movement of the pointer. So if you will use it without a mouse pad, then it will not perform very well as it can.

 But you can enhance its working efficiency by using the best mousepad for a magic mouse. The best mousepad for a magic mouse will provide a smooth and silky surface where the magic mouse will give you better results. A mousepad is very necessary for better performance and enough tracking of a magic mouse.

Q3: What is the best material for a mouse pad?

The soft material mousepads are considered best for roller ball mice and hard material mousepads are considered best for optical mice. A mousepad that has a smooth and silky surface and anti-slip backing is considered best.

Neoprene and some other material are the best materials for mousepads.

Q4: Are polyester mousepads good?.

This material can be good for the mousepad. The polyester material offers high durability and the cloth offers better gliding along with plastic pads. But the plastic pads are rough. Furthermore, you can find the best one.

Q5: Should I get a hard or soft mouse pad?

If your mouse is an optical mouse then it can perform better on hard or soft mousepads. But if you have a gaming mouse then a hard mouse pad can provide better precision and smooth movement. Both types of mousepads (Soft and hard) are good.

Q7:What surface does a mouse work best on?

The modern optical mouse is working on opaque diffusely reflective surfaces. But most of them can perform very well on the reflective surface like transparent glass and polished stone. The surface for a modern optical mouse should be dark. The mouse performs reliably on dark surfaces.

Q8:What surface is best for a wireless mouse?

The mouse can work on almost every surface where the mouse feels comfortable and can work. But if you have a wireless mouse then it will give you good battery life when you will use it on a light-colored surface.

9: How do I make my Magic Mouse comfortable?

Every user always looks for comfortability in his work with the computer. The user always wants everything comfortable on his desk. So a comfortable mouse always performs very well. And you make your mouse comfortable by following these steps.

  • First of all, flip your Magic mouse
  • And now clean the underside of your magic mouse by using an alcohol wipe.
  • But please make sure that the underside of your magic mouse is clean.
  • And at this step, adhere each grip up in the middle of the mouse and also make sure that you like this position.
  • And now firmly press grip of the mouse.
  • At the last, flip over the magic mouse and then push it down for 30 seconds

10: what is the thing we can use as an alternative to the mousepad?

If you do have not a mousepad for magic mouse and you feel uncomfortably during your work. For temporary, many materials can be used instead of a mouse pad for the magic mouse. There are many things like cardboard from the shoebox, wax paper, and duct tape that can be used. Anything that you feel suitable, can use for the magic mouse. But you should not use hardcover or a thick material like a book or magazine.

Here the main thing is that you should always choose a smooth surface for the mouse pad.


I have reviewed the top 7 best mousepads for magic mice and briefly explain them. And if you have completely read this article then you will be able to choose the best mousepads for the magic mouse. A mousepad is necessary for better gaming and high-speed working. If you are a gamer and if you have selected the best mousepads then I will also recommend you to use the best gaming mouse to enhance your gaming experience.

It depends on you which pad you want to buy and which one feels best. All mousepads are coming at a budget-friendly price.

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