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Top 10 gaming mouse for sweaty hands in [2023]

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In this modern era of entertainment, everyone plays games for entertainment and as fun or time passes. Computer or laptop Games are considered best to pass the free time or for entertainment. Everyone that plays a game, doesn’t want any type of disturbance in his gaming environment. If someone is a gamer, then the gaming mouse will very important for him.

Best gaming mouse for sweaty hands

We all enjoy gaming as fun when we play games until our hands get sweaty. Sweat hands create a big problem in our gaming. And destroys all of the fun and turns our gaming experience into the worst one. We all want to move our Mouse pointer or cursor smoothly and freely without any type of disturbance. But the sweat hands create a big problem and destroy our gaming performance. Sweat hands affect our gaming accuracy.

With sweat hands, we cannot use our mouse in a better way. The working efficiency of the mouse goes down with sweat hands. This means that a mouse can’t perform well in sweat hands. Particularly, when we play games and want to perform better and better, but the mouse does not allow us to perform well in gaming.

Gaming mouse for sweaty hands:

But the mouse manufacturing industry has solved this problem for a few years by manufacturing sweat-proof gaming mice. The gaming mice industry manufactures the Best gaming mouse for sweaty hands without compromising on features and specifications. But the market is full of these types of gaming mice, all they claim is that they absorb sweat.

But when our hands get sweated, these mice can’t do anything. So this is the big problem with choosing the best gaming mouse for sweatIng hands. To solve this problem it is very important to choose a mouse for sweaty hands.

With a sweat-proof mouse, we can do our gaming with full focus and enjoy our gaming seamlessly. A sweat-proof mouse not only absorbs the sweat of hands and to feels moisture it also keeps our hands dry. Furthermore, it also performs better in every task and gaming. I also provide all those specifications and features that we required in smooth and seamless gaming.

Now problem is how you can choose the best gaming mouse for sweaty hands in thousands of mouse brands and mice in the market. It is very difficult to choose the best mouse.

Don’t worry because this article, will be very helpful for you to choose the best anti sweat mouse for gaming. I have listed some top gaming mice for sweaty hands. After reading this article completely, you will be able to choose the best mouse. Invest your budget in the best product.

Advantages of the sweat-proof mouse:

A sweat-proof mouse brings a lot of advantages to its user. It produces less noise and keeps the hands of a gamer or a person dry and cool. You will feel moisture by using a sweat-proof mouse. These types of mice are also windows compatible and provide software by which you can configure its buttons and can do any type changing in its working.

List of Best gaming mice for sweaty hands:

In the market, thousands of mice claim to be sweat-proof mice but after some time they get ruined by sweat or can’t work properly. So it is very important to do a brief research on a product before buying it. That’s why I have created a list of the Top 10 best mice for sweating hands with their brief details and features. You will read also about their pros and cons. you will be able to choose the best product when you will read this article completely.




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Cooler Master mm711 60G

Logitech G502 best Sweaty mouse

Glorious Model D (best mouse for sweaty hands)

 SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse 

BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse

 Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

 Logitech G Pro Wireless

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Logitech G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse 

HK Gaming Mira M Ultra Lightweight. (Recommended)

1: Cooler Master mm711 60G

If you are seeking a mouse that has a unique design and as well a fully cooling gaming mouse then the Cooler Master mm711 60G is the best choice for you. Because this mouse is very suitable for seamless gaming its design is also unique and it is a cool gaming mouse.

The design of this mouse is like a honeycomb shell which is very unique and fully attractive for everyone and is very suitable for sweaty hands. It is specially designed for sweaty hands. This mouse is very light because of its honeycomb design and feels very comfortable when we use it in gaming. It also provides a very great gaming experience because a very amazing optical sensor is used in it. This optical sensor doesn’t create any type of disturbance in gaming.

The mouse has a programmable button which makes it easy to use to do changes about his requirements. Another fascinating feature of this mouse is its weave cable, which makes it light and more comfortable in gaming.


Weight 150g
Brand of this Item Color master
Model number MM-711-WWOL2
Dimensions 14.22 x 13.46 x 4.57 cm
  • Very lightweight and best for gaming
  • Ultra weave cable is used
  • Hands get not sweated because the air passes in them very easily
  • It has RGB light
  • Comes with a programmable button by which users can do any changes
  • It has only two extra buttons

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2: Logitech G502 best Sweaty mouse

Logitech G502 is very popular among gamers and is mostly used by gamers. It provides a lot of amazing gaming experiences, overall thanks to its outstanding features. It comes with amazing features that enhance the gaming experience.

The Logitech G502 is very suitable for right-handed users because of its fantastic comfortable design. Even if someone has small hands, the Logitech G502 is also comfortable for him. Anyone can use it for a long time on gaming without any distraction.

This mouse gives us a lot of accuracy without any acceleration or deceleration because of its Hero sensor. The Logitech also has a programmable button and this mouse also comes with software named Logitech G-Hub. The look of this mouse is very attractive because of its adjustable RGB lights. These lights can adjust by its G-Hub software.

The most fantastic thing about the mouse is its adjustable weight, which means that it allows us to adjust its weight according to our requirements.

You can use it for a long time on gaming because of its smooth performance.


Color Black
Brand Logitech
Mouse dimensions ‎1.57 x 2.95 x 5.2 inches
Weight of this item4.3 ounces
Hardware platform PC
Batteries 1AA battery
  • I provide 11 customizable buttons and 5 adjustable weights
  • Very comfortable for long timing usage
  • The design of this mouse is more comfortable
  • It has the premium build quality
  • Comes with a flexible wire
  • Weight of this mouse little bit heavy

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3: Glorious Model D (best mouse for sweaty hands)[Best overall]

The Glorious Model D is the best and most amazing item on the list of Best gaming mice for sweaty hands. Because by using this mouse your hands will not get sweated. The design of this mouse is very amazing and ventilated. I say its design is ventilated because it also has a design like a honeycomb and has holes on its body. With its honeycomb design air passes very easily through these holes to keep your hands sweat-free.

The Glorious Model D does not compromise on its durability and it is very light in weight. Its lightweight makes it very durable and enhances the gaming experience. You will these holes hardly on playing games.

It provides a seamless gaming experience and comes with advanced features along with its sweat-absorbing design. It provides a lot of accurate tracking experience on gaming and zeroes mouse acceleration and a 1000 Hz polling rate because Pixart 3360 sensor is used in it.

Its design and looks are very stylish and eye-catching because of its minimalist RGB light effects. The Glorious Model D makes able you to configure these lights directly on the mouse. The Glorious Model D also has software by which you can change the DPI values and DPI colors of the mouse very easily.

We get impressive performance from the Glorious Model D. It provides a very smooth and seamless gaming experience because Virgin PTFE is used. You can use an air canister to clean this mouse so the cleaning of this mouse is very easy because of its honeycomb shell design. It will be always good and new when we clean it regularly.


Dimension 5.04 x 2.64 x 1.65 inches
Model of Item GD-WHITE
Weight 2.4 ounces
Movement detection Optical sensor
Manufacturer Glorious PC 
  • Provides smooth and seamless gaming experience
  • Very light-weight and durable
  • Offers 6 programmable buttons
  • Very easy configuration of stylish RGB Lights
  • Not for high sensitivity users

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4: SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse 

When we come to the gaming industry, then the Steel Series is the best brand that offers the best and great quality gaming mice. The SteelSeries Rival 650 offers wonderful gaming features to the gamers along with a luxurious feel and it is a wireless gaming mouse.

There is no chance to get your hands sweated because the design of this mouse is very luxurious and premium rugged plastic is used on its sides. And there is a gap to absorb the sweat from hands. If your hands get sweated, the gap between your hands and mouse body will absorb it. The CPI of this mouse is 12000 and users can adjust it according to their needs.

The Rival 650 mouse is equipped with Quantum wireless technology that makes it lag-free and lightweight. The most amazing thing about SteelSeries is that it provides 7 programmable buttons that make the gaming more perfect.

As I have told you, this mouse is equipped with Quantum wireless technology which makes it more durable. Then this mouse is powered by a battery and offers 24 hours battery life. Another amazing thing about this mouse is its fast charging. This means that the users can charge it within 30 minutes.

The users of this Mouse can also adjust its weight according to their preferences for smooth and seamless gaming.

This mouse is very best for gaming and for traveling because it is a chargeable mouse. You can use it anywhere with your laptop.


Weight Weight 5.8 ounces
Brand SteelSeries
Model number62456
Color Black
Battery 1 Lithium polymer battery
Dimensions ‎2.69 x 5.16 x 1.7 inches
  • Offers adjustable weight
  • Provides a lag-free experience because of its Quantum wireless technology.
  • Fast charging
  • Comes with 7 programmable buttons to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Durable body design
  • It is a little bit pricy.

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5: BENGOO KM-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Bangor KM-1 mouse is amazing thin in the list of Best gaming mice for sweaty hands. This mouse absorbs the sweat of your hands with its honeycomb shell design. This mouse also has a design like a honeycomb.  The air can pass easily through its holes to eliminate the sweat. The honeycomb shell design is now coming in most mice today. Because this design is considered best for absorbing sweat from hands.

This mouse has 2.4G wireless technology and makes the gaming seamless. It makes your gaming very smooth because of its honeycomb design and ergonomic lightweight body. The gamers can feel very comfortable while playing games for a long time.

This mouse enhances the gaming experience because of its RGB Chroma lights. Here is a LED button and you can change the effects of light by pressing it repeatedly.

You can win any game and enjoy any game with full comfort because this mouse gives you full control of its adjustable DPI.

If you want to play your game with full comfort and seek a budget-friendly mouse then the BENGOO KM-1 is the best choice for you. It is equipped with all-important gaming features.


Weight 4.6 ounces
Dimensions 11.06 x 3.54 x 1.93 inches
Hardware platform PC/MAC
  • Very affordable price
  • Comes with a lot of gaming features that enhance the gaming experience
  • Great wireless technology
  • Premium build quality with affordable price
  • Comes with an adjustable DPI
  • Little large from small hands

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6: Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

This is the best and most special choice for right-handed users. The Razer DeathAdder V2 is ergonomically shaped and the best gaming mouse that provides very comfort to gamers. It is specially designed for comfortability. It ventilates your palm to keep dry by its curved design. This means that its design is curved and beautiful.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 comes with “RAZER” Optical mouse switches that register your clicks more accurately with the infrared light beam.  It gives a response to your clicks in a very short time of 0.2 milliseconds. Its response time is very fast. The Razer DeathAdder V2 offers 8 programmable buttons, that you can easily configure at any time when you want according to preferences. You can cycle your weapons in during gaming very quickly by scrolling its instinctive wheel.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 makes enables you to switch DPI up to 20000 and you can get the finest movement with pixel-perfect accuracy.

It enhances the gaming experience by offering RGB lights, and you can customize these RGB lighting effects and patterns. For customizing these effects you will use RAZER software. This software also gives you many other options by which you can any type of setting. You can change the RGB light effects and change its lighting patterns and also save these effects onboard memory of the software.

The RAZER DeathAdder V2 has high build quality which is very outstanding. This mouse is fully optimized and designed to enhance comfortability while gaming.

The RAZER DeathAdder V2 equipped with amazing gaming features that make is very perfect for gaming.


Brand Razer
Weight 6.4 ounces
Dimensions of the product‎2.87 x 5 x 1.69 inches
Model number RZ01-03210100-R3U1
Battery 1 Lithium-Ion
  • Response time is very fastest
  • RGB effect can be easily changed by using Razer Software.
  • Have a very ergonomic design.
  • Very comfortable for long time gaming
  • Have 8 programmed buttons
  • The users with small hands can’t feel comfortable

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7: Logitech G Pro Wireless

A wireless mouse could be considered best for gaming.  Because with a wireless mouse there is no need to cover the wires. The market is full of wireless gaming mice that offer a wonderful gaming experience, the Logitech G is also counted in these gaming mice.

This mouse comes with stunning gaming features that enhance the gaming experience. This mouse offers a mind-blowing gaming experience with its amazing high-quality sensor. The Shape of this mouse is very sake and it fits perfectly in every hand. Moreover, there is no chance of them slipping off the mouse from your hand when you are on the battlefield because it has a matte texture.

Furthermore, the clicks of Logitech are very fast and responsive. The Logitech has two buttons on both sides if you don’t need these buttons you can easily remove them.

Often a wireless mouse is a little bit heavy because of its additional battery. But the Logitech weighs 80 Grams which is lightweight. But the heavyweight case is not with this mouse. This mouse is very lightweight. Its battery life is very fantastic which is up to 48 hours with lightning and you can get more than 60 hours when you will use it without lightning.

At last, Logitech offers all positive things. If you want to buy a wireless mouse then according to my option LOGITECH is best for you.


Brand Logitech G
Model number‎910-005270
Dimensions 1.57 x 2.5 x 4.92 inches
Color Black
Battery Lithium-ion battery
  • The sensor performs very excellently
  • High-quality material is used to build this mouse.
  • The battery timing of this mouse is very amazing
  • Customizable light effects.
  • Little bit expensive

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8: Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

This is another product of RAZER but it has some differences. This product also has a matte body. The matte body of this NAGA Trinity ensures that your hand won’t get sweaty and you can enjoy your gaming without fatigue. The left side of this mouse is fully replaceable. And gamers or users can replace the side place any time they want. This mouse has 16000+ DPI optical sensors which are amazing for a gamer person.

The RAZER Naga Trinity have also Chroma RGB Lightning that doubles up the gaming experience. These RGB lights create premium feels. Furthermore, the RAZER Naga Trinity offers 19 programmable buttons for gamers and the gamers can use these 19 buttons in their gaming to perform many different functionalities. This is a great feature for gamers because gamers can perform very well in their gaming by using these buttons. These buttons are fully programmed able and the gamers can do any type changing in these buttons.

This Mouse has some mechanical switches by which gamers can get a quick clicking response in their gaming. The Naga Trinity provides a quick weapon-changing experience in the games because it has a dotted wheel. By moving this wheel the gamer can cycle different weapons in his game. It is very easy to select any weapon in a very short time. This mouse is considered the best gaming mouse for any type of shooting game.

The amazing thing about this mouse is its 19 programmable buttons. It offers a large number of programmable buttons.


Weight 10.6 ounceWeight 10.6 ounces
Dimensions 2.76 x 2.91 x 1.69 inchesDimensions 2.76 x 2.91 x 1.69 inches
Battery 2 lithium IonBattery 2 lithium Ion
Item Model number RZ01-02410100-R3U1Item Model number RZ01-02410100-R3U1
  • Absorbs sweat from hands completely in a short time
  • Provides quick click response
  • Able to support 50 million clicks
  • Offers programmable RGB lightning which is fully customizable
  • It feels very premium
  • Luxurious design
  • Provides a lot of buttons
  • Users can be confused because of its too many buttons.

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9: Logitech G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse 

Logitech G604 gives you full control over your gaming and provides a lot of functionalities in gaming. Because this mouse comes with 15 programmable buttons. And you can set all these buttons according to your preferences. Its 15 programmable buttons, allow you to do a lot of things in your gaming with one hand means that this mouse provides you full control over gaming and you can conquer any shooting gaming easily with this mouse.

The Logitech G604 comes with a lot of very amazing gaming features. This mouse is wireless, so you need to cover the wires because this mouse is free from cable.

By using this mouse, you will enjoy your gaming with full concentration and without any fatigue because the Logitech G604 offers comfortability. You will feel very comfortable because of its ergonomic design and solid build structure. There is no chance for sweat on your palm.

Moreover, you will get a durable scroll wheel with dual modes. With this wheel, it is very to the quick scrolling of weapons in your gaming. This scroll wheel allows you fast and quick scrolling of your weapons in your gaming.

If you want more accuracy then there is also an option for this. This mouse has programmable buttons and comes with G Hub software you do customizations of these buttons very easily, so you can also upgrade the sensor through this software. After upgrading the sensor you will get more accuracy.

With its ergonomics design and solid structure, there is no chance to hands get sweaty. So this mouse is considered the Best gaming for sweaty hands.


Brand Logitech G
Hardware PC, MAC
Weight 0.01 ounces
Dimensions 1.77 x 3.14 x 5.11 inches
Battery 1 lithium-ion
  • Offers a lot of buttons with high gaming functionalities
  • Powerful wireless connection of 2.4GHz
  • The great efficiency of its Hero 25K sensor
  • Very affordable with a lot of gaming features
  • Its shape is not very comfortable

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10: HK Gaming Mira M Ultra Lightweight. (Recommended)

Amazingly this mouse also offers wonderful gaming features and provides all those that professional gamers look. The mouse comes with anti-slip grips and a dust cover and is specially designed for right-handed gamer people. The shape of this mouse is very ambidextrous and comfortable. Your hands will not get sweat and you can enjoy your shooting games with full pleasure. Thanks to its honeycomb shell make it is the best sweat absorber.

Furthermore, this mouse is not very heavy in weight because of its honeycomb shell design and the weight of this Mouse is only 63 grams. You will feel smooth movement in gaming because of its White PTFE and durable Paracord cable. To perform time-consuming tasks in a very short time, the HK Mira M offers 6 programmable buttons. The mouse is coming with HK gaming software that you can use for customizations and changing of these buttons.

Moreover, this mouse is equipped with a powerful gaming sensor (Pixart PMW3360) and it supports 12000 CPI resolutions with a polling rate of 1000Hz. However, you can change the polling rate and CPI of this mouse by using HK Gaming software. It depends on your gaming style.

The design and quality of the mouse are very decent. The mechanical switches of this mouse can survive 50 million+ clicks very easily because the Omron mechanical switches are used in this mouse and these switches can survive millions of clicks. The mouse is quite beautiful and decent.

Moreover, this mouse has another amazing thing that other mice don’t have. It has an IP68-rated waterproof protection feature that protects the HK Mira M from accidental water spills or any liquid spills.

Because of the powerful features of HK Mira M, this is also the Best gaming mouse for sweaty hands.


Weight2.2 ounces
Dimensions 4.88 x 2.52 x 1.57 inches
Number of buttons 6
Connectivity Cable
  • This mouse is also best for small hands
  • Comes on a very affordable budget
  • Provides great control because of anti-slip grips
  • Comes with 6 programmable buttons
  • Decent build quality
  • It is waterproof and protected from accidental liquid spills.
  • It has no RGB light effects.

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My choice:

Now I am going to share my personal choice with you. Well, I have used many brands of mice in my experience, but the best gaming mouse that I have used is the mouse with a honeycomb shell design.

I like any mouse that has a honeycomb shell design. The reason is that it is very strong and durable and it also absorbs the sweat from the palm in every situation. The moue that has a honeycomb shell design is also light in weight and provides seamless connectivity.

I have also tried the HK Mira M. I feel it is very decent and best for gaming because this have contained all the gaming features. The most amazing thing that I like about this mouse is its waterproof feature. The waterproof feature of this mouse protects it from any type of liquid. And it has six programmable buttons.

Friends, HK Mira M is my favorite choice.


Q1: What do gamers do for sweaty hands?

There is the big problem with gamers, is that the hands of gamers get sweaty while they play games for a long time. And they can’t play games with full pleasure and can’t enjoy the game fully. But today in this modern era, the gaming mice industries are developing millions of the best gaming mice for sweaty hands.

So the gamer should use a mouse for sweaty hands. The mouse that is specially designed for sweaty hands, absorbs the sweat from hands completely. The mouse for sweaty is designed as it can absorb sweat from hands easily. The gamers should choose the best gaming mouse for sweaty hands. The best gaming mouse will also provide a lot of gaming features.

In this article, I have described the top 10 best gaming mice for sweaty hands. If gamer feels difficult to select the best gaming mouse then this article can be help full for them.

Q2: Are glossy mice bad for sweaty hands?

The glossy mice can be best but they feel slip. When you will use them you feel slippy. Matte can be best for sweaty hands, you can use any mouse that has a matte texture. Many mice have texture matte-like Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries, etc. You can use them for sweaty hands.

Q3: Can sweat damage mice?

Rarely sweat can be harmful to a mouse but the mouse that is designed for sweaty hands can survive the sweat. This means that a mouse that is designed for a sweaty hand can’t be damaged with sweat. Because the body of these types of mice is specially designed to absorb sweat.

Q4: Is Logitech G Pro Wireless good for sweaty hands?

Yes, I have describes this mouse you can read further about this mouse. But this mouse is best for sweaty hands as well as best for gaming because this mouse contained all the features that a gamer seeks. And It can also keep dry the hands of gamers from sweat.

Q5: How can I permanently get rid of sweaty hands?

There are many ways by which you can get rid of sweaty hands while playing games on a computer.

Use a towel, Don’t use the alcohol, clean your hands, and so on. But If you want to get rid of sweat from your hands during gaming according to my opinion us the Best gaming mouse for sweaty hands. Above I have described the 10 best gaming mice for sweaty hands.

Q6: Can sweaty hands damage electronics?

Yes, of course, sweat can be harmful to every electronic device. It can damage the device. But If talk about waterproof devices or sweatproof devices then any type of liquid cannot be entered into it.

Q7: Are 80 grams heavy for a mouse?

100 grams weight is a standard weight for mice. If a mouse weights 80 grams then would be considered the lightest mouse. And the lightest mouse is best for playing seamless gaming. 


The pro gamers or the people who play games for a long time on a computer have a big problem. The problem is that their hands get sweated by using the mouse continuously. The sweaty hands create distraction and fatigue in gaming and the gamers cannot perform better in gaming. The sweat makes the surface of the mouse very slippery and it reduces the gaming experience of the gamer. It is very important to use a mouse that keeps your hands dry by proper airflow.                    

Therefore, I have created a list top 10 best gaming mice for sweaty hands and briefly described them one by one. The main purpose of this article is to help you in the selection of the best mouse because the market is full of these types of mice and they claim for sweaty hands but not everything is best. So this article will very help full for to. And you will buy the best one and your money will not be wasted.

My main goal is to provide the right and honest information to you in all my reviews. That is why I have decided to share this information with you, so you can choose the best mouse for sweaty hands.

By the way, it depends on you what you want to buy and what are your requirements. You will your requirements and preferences before buying anything.

All features of these gaming mice are briefly described and all these are compared with each other. 

I hope after reading this article, you will be able to select the best gaming mouse for sweaty hands.

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